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The KazGarden-Project

KazGarden is a project dedicated to the grafical web-editor KompoZer. It is a collection of templates, that has been made by various artists to show the beauty of using stylesheets. All templates are made of one and the same html-code being formated. 

How to join the project

To join the adventure of designing a template for this project, please use the html-file and stylesheet wrapped up as a zip-archive here. You can add or delete styles from that stylesheet, just don't edit the html-file.

All templates are copyrighted by their designers. They are to be used as webpages regarding to Creativ Commons License. Add your name as designer and a link to your page to the footer of the html-file. 

Send your new template to kompozer-project at or to to be added to the KazGarden template-engine